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  • Power Supply Problems
  • Temperature Control Malfunctions
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • Water Leakages
  • Strange Noises
  • Control Panel or Display Problems
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Rightfix is the preferred option for homeowners looking for quick, competent, and effective Avanti appliance repair services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Because of our dedication to client happiness and our knowledge of Avanti appliances, we are the area's go-to service provider.

Our Services

We offer thorough Avanti appliance repair services throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area at Rightfix. Your Avanti appliance will function at its best thanks to the wide range of problems our knowledgeable technicians can identify and resolve.

Refrigerator Repair in Toronto
Avanti Fridge Repair in Toronto

Avanti Fridge Repair

Is the cooling system on your Avanti fridge broken or is it making strange noises?

Our specialists are skilled in quickly locating and fixing problems with Avanti refrigerators.

We have the know-how to get your refrigerator back to working at its best, regardless of the problem—a broken compressor, thermostat, or another part.

Avanti Dryer Repair

It's time to get professional assistance if your Avanti dryer is not drying clothes efficiently or making unusual noises.

In order to ensure that your Avanti dryer runs well, our professionals can identify and fix problems with belts, heating elements, and other dryer components.

Avanti Dryer Repair in Toronto
Avanti Dishwasher Repair in Toronto

Avanti Dishwasher Repair

Your kitchen routine may be disturbed by an Avanti dishwasher that isn't working properly.

Our specialists fix frequent problems like water leaks, drainage issues, and broken controls.

They also specialize in Avanti dishwasher repair.

To ensure long-lasting repairs, we always use original Avanti replacement parts.

Avanti Freezer Repair

Our specialists are capable of identifying and resolving issues with Avanti freezers that are not keeping the proper temperature or exhibiting symptoms of frost accumulation.

Our competence extends to repairing thermostat problems and compressor faults, so your Avanti freezer may be restored to working condition in no time.

Avanti Freezer Repair in Toronto
Avanti Washer Repair in Toronto

Avanti Washer Repair

Is your Avanti washer making weird noises or leaking water?

A wide range of Avanti washer problems can be handled by our knowledgeable specialists.

In order to guarantee the durability of our repairs and give you a dependable and effective washing machine, we only use authentic Avanti components.

Avanti Cooktop Repair

Although problems with your Avanti cooktop can be annoying, our professionals are qualified to handle them.

Regardless of the issue—burners, ignition, controls—we possess the expertise and experience to fully repair your Avanti cooktop.

Avanti Cooktop Repair in Toronto
Avanti Stove Repair in Toronto

Avanti Stove Repair

Cooking can be interrupted by an Avanti stove that isn't working properly.

Our specialists are experts in fixing burners, heating components, and controls for Avanti stoves.

In every repair we do, efficiency and safety come first.

Avanti Oven Repair

Our professionals are capable of identifying and fixing issues with your Avanti oven, including uneven heating and temperature swings.

We know how important it is for your kitchen's oven to operate correctly, and our experience guarantees dependable and long-lasting repairs.

Avanti Oven Repair in Toronto

Avanti Error Codes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my Avanti appliance needs repair?

Unusual noises, insufficient heating or cooling, leaks, and error codes displayed on the display are common indicators that your Avanti appliance needs to be repaired. It is advisable to seek expert assistance as soon as possible if you observe any of these problems.

Are your technicians certified to repair Avanti appliances?

Yes, in order to keep up with the most recent developments in Avanti appliance technology, all of our technicians receive regular training and maintain their certifications. This guarantees that they are qualified to identify and fix a variety of problems.

Do you use genuine Avanti replacement parts?

Indeed. We think that in order to guarantee the caliber and durability of our repairs, it is crucial to use original replacement parts. Our dedication to quality is shown in the supplies we utilize for each repair project.
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