Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Samsung washing machines are popular home appliances, but they can occasionally display confusing error codes. Understanding these codes can help you diagnose and resolve issues with your Samsung washer. This guide covers common Samsung washing machine error codes, their causes, and potential fixes so you can get your washer running again.

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Fixes for Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

When your Samsung washer displays an error code, there are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  • Check that the washing machine is level and stable
  • Make sure all connections are secure (water hoses, power cord, drainpipe)
  • Clean the water inlet filters
  • Reset the washing machine and retry the cycle
  • Update the machine's firmware

If those basic steps don't fix your Samsung washer error code, refer to the specific fixes outlined below.

Causes for Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Samsung washer codes often indicate minor issues that you may be able to troubleshoot yourself:

  • Incorrect installation or faulty connections
  • Clogged water inlet filters or pump
  • Unbalanced laundry loads
  • Faulty water level sensors
  • Malfunctioning electric components
  • Software errors or outdated firmware

Understanding what causes a particular error code can help guide you toward the proper solution. Refer to the error code explanations below to diagnose your Samsung washer issue.

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Samsung Washer Error Codes

Here are explanations of some common Samsung washing machine error codes and what they indicate:

Error Code Meaning
dE The washer door is open or not properly latched shut
5E The washer is unbalanced during spin cycle
3E Inlet water is too cold or inlet filters clogged
4E Washer fills with water slowly or not filling
9E/OE Drain hose is clogged or kinked
bE Motor speed sensor issue
IE Motor control board issue
LE Motor locks and will not spin
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Switched Hot and Cold Water Hoses

The error codes relating to switched water supply hoses on Samsung washers include 3E, 4E, and 5E. If the washer displays any of these codes, check that your hot and cold inlet hoses are connected properly with hot on the left and cold on the right. Swapping the hoses can prevent the washer from correctly filling with the proper temperature water.

To resolve, disconnect the inlet hoses from the rear of the machine and connect them to the correct hot and cold water supply valves. Secure the lines tightly and ensure rubber gaskets are seated properly before running a test cycle.

Leaking Machine or Faulty Water Level Sensor

The 4E error code on Samsung washers indicates issues sensing the water level when filling. This could mean a faulty water level pressure switch or leaks in the washer equipment.

First inspect all water lines, inlet valves, and the machine drum for any leaks or water dripping. Repair leaks as necessary.

If no leaks are found, the pressure sensor likely needs replacement. This sensor determines water levels by measuring pressure. You can attempt to clean the sensor but replacing the part is often needed to permanently fix the 4E code.

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Water Filling Incorrectly

Water Filling Incorrectly

Multiple error codes can indicate problems with water failing to fill the Samsung washer correctly:

  • 3E = Inlet water too cold or filters blocked
  • 4E = Washer not filling at all
  • 5E = Uneven load distribution

For 3E errors, double check your water connections and inlet valve screens for obstructions. Clean filter screens and connect hot supply to the left inlet.

With 4E codes, verify the water supply valves are fully open while machine attempts to fill. Make sure fill hoses have no kinks and are not leaking. Replace faulty valves or lines if needed.

The 5E code can display if laundry isn’t spread evenly inside the drum. The weight imbalance can interfere with proper water filling by the level sensor. Redistribute clothes to balance out heavy and light items before restarting the cycle.

Water Won’t Drain

Samsung washers displaying error code OE or 9E have difficulties draining properly. Typical causes include:

  • Kinked, jammed, or clogged drain hoses/pipes
  • Small objects stuck in drain pump
  • Malfunctioning drain pump

First, detach the drain line from the rear of the machine and the drain outlet to check for obstructions. Remove debris from the hose then reattach securely.

Use a toothbrush to gently loosen debris caught in the drain pump filter without damaging. Reinstall when clean.

If cleaning fixes don’t resolve the draining issues, replacing the drain pump often solves the OE/9E Samsung washer errors.

Water Won’t Drain
Door Issue

Door Issue

The dE error code indicates the washing machine door has not properly latched shut before the cycle starts. This safety feature prevents the washer operating with the door open.

With power disabled, inspect the door and latch for obstructions such as small articles of clothing stopping it catching securely. Check linkage rods are also correctly aligned.

Turn the power on while manually holding the door firmly shut and restart a cycle to determine if the error persists. If so, adjust, repair, or replace damaged door parts like latches, switches, or sensors.

Uneven Load Distribution

The 5E code occurs when the washer drum senses too much imbalance during the spin cycle portion. This uneven distribution of weight can cause excessive vibration or even damage if allowed to continue.

Open the washer and redistribute any extremely heavy clothes items more toward the center of the drum. Only wash dry items of approximately equal weight and avoid washing single heavy pieces (like rugs).

Check suspension rods and shock absorbers for damage then restart cycle after adjusting load. The washer attempts to rebalance several times before displaying 5E errors.

Uneven Load Distribution

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